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Welcome to Growspark

Growspark is Sweden’s new accelerator for innovative startups that can create value for the built civil environment! The global consultancy company WSP is behind the venture. The goal is to create new and bigger business opportunities for startups, as well as better innovative solutions for WSP customers, through collaborations in the Growspark program. WSP is located in about 50 locations in Sweden and we invite startups from all over the country to collaborate with us. 

Our inspiration

Can we inspire our clients to embrace the innovation of startups within our communities, and challenge ourselves in the process?

Can we see the big in the small, and let it change us for the better?

Can we design a program that attracts the most innovative startups within our field, learn from them to evolve our capabilities, and grow and flourish together?

Innovations for future communities

Growspark is tailored to WSP customers’ specific needs with startup companies, as a complement to driving digitalisation and innovation projects. It strengthens our expertise and raises our delivery capabilities in sustainable and technological solutions for future societies. By focusing on business and customer benefits, the program is an accelerator and not an incubator.

”Our solutions shape the societies of tomorrow and contribute to sustainable development
Magnus Meyer, CEO at WSP Europe

WSP operates Growspark without ownership in startup companies. It is non-exclusive and therefore does not compete with other private, academic or public actors. With Growspark, WSP raises its ambition to lead the digitalization of the built civil environment. 

About WSP

WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We are dedicated to our local communities and propelled by international brainpower. We are technical experts and strategic advisors including engineers, technicians, scientists, architects, planners, surveyors and environmental specialists, as well as other design, program and construction management professionals. We design lasting solutions in the Property & Buildings, Transportation & Infrastructure, Environment, Industry, Resources (including Mining and Oil & Gas) and Power & Energy sectors as well as project delivery and strategic consulting services. With 42 000 talented people in more than 550 offices across 40 countries, we engineer projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come. WSP Sweden is a nationwide consultancy, around 4,000 staff.

In short, WSP is a company with resources to make a large-scale impact. We can create a breeding ground for bigger business affairs, unique partnerships and industrial growth for innovation companies, while creating value for customers and community. Therefore, we have chosen to call the program Growspark. This is a venture collaboration program, a collaboration between WSP and startups focusing on innovation and above all, digitalization of the built civil environment. With Growspark as a platform, WSP raises its ambition to lead the digitalization of the built civil environment.